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The battle for the Nordics awaits in August

For Kronborg Cup 2024, we will once again experience great international support with no less than 41 registered teams from Sweden, Norway and Finland. It's always great to see how the courts are buzzing with international atmosphere and matches across national borders

"It is fantastic to see so many teams from Sweden, Norway and Finland ready for Kronborg Cup 2024. We look forward to welcoming our Scandinavian neighbors to Kronborg Cup and once again giving the tournament an international touch", says Frederik Hertz, Chairman of Kronborg Cup.

The foreign teams create great value for the tournament and for the Danish football players. The foreign teams often come with a slightly different approach to football and create a different atmosphere among young people when the language is different:

"The kids like playing against foreign teams because it gives the tournament an international feel, even though you're in Elsinore. The kids also think it's fun to play against other footballers who speak a different language and perhaps play in a slightly different way. For us coaches, it's also fun to meet opponents who may have a slightly different tactical approach to football than we have here in Denmark"says Jakob Vesterbæk, Snekkersten IF.

The deadline for registration and payment is June 15, 2024.

Registration for 2024 is open

This year's football tournament with opponents from Scandinavia. Both for girls and boys.
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Kronborg Cup is an international football tournament for youth teams - Zealand's biggest tournament - held every year in the last week of the school summer holidays.
Kronborg Cup 2024
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