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Kronborg Cup is an association consisting of 6 football clubs that organize Kronborg Cup every year. If after Kronborg Cup there is profit from this year's event, most of it goes back to the cooperation and organizing clubs behind Kronborg Cup. In addition, a small part of the profits will go to securing and developing the tournament in the future. There are therefore no investors or companies taking the profits away from the clubs and local associations in the municipality. In other words, the great work of the volunteers helps to generate a very important financial contribution to football and sport locally.

Kronborg Cup has provided a total of over DKK 3 million in support and development in the municipality of Helsingør. Among other things, this has helped to develop sports and football work in the Municipality of Helsingør in a unique collaboration across the clubs and made it possible to support young footballers and sports work in the clubs in the local community. In this way, Kronborg Cup becomes more than a football tournament, but a football community in the municipality, whose core task is to organise Kronborg Cup for the benefit of children and young people and to promote the municipality of Helsingør. 

Kronborg Cup does not accept applications for support, as we only support financially associations that have helped during Kronborg Cup. 

Children & youth and sports work in football clubs

Most of the profits from Kronborg Cup go to youth football in the football clubs in the municipality that organise the tournament. The funding goes, among other things, to team trips to tournaments at home and abroad, experiences for young football players, support for events and tournaments for socially vulnerable youth players who do not have the financial means at home, and to training for coaches and managers in the clubs.   

Michael Mølgaard, Chairman, Snekkersten IF

"In recent years, we have used the funds from Kronborg Cup to create and develop Special Olympics football for both grassroots and national teams, football fitness and sports football for all age groups, including the elderly, and Goalball for people with visual impairments. In addition to developing new activities, a large part of the funding has also gone to developing our youth section".

Local associations 

Every year Kronborg Cup pays a grant to a number of smaller local associations in the municipality of Helsingør, who help out during the weekend with tasks that relieve Kronborg Cup's many volunteers.

Study trips in primary school

Prior to each Kronborg Cup, a lot of equipment and clothes have to be packed and sorted for the participants - and every year we get help from a number of primary school classes, who lend a hand and on that basis get support for the annual study trips and excursions in secondary school. 

Belinda Johansen, Teacher, School at Rønnebær Allé

"We have been on a study trip to Iceland, a trip that is not just possible to finance. But funds from Kronborg Cup, among others, ensured that all students had a learning experience of a lifetime."

Football boots for Sierra Leone 

Kronborg Cup has previously, in cooperation with FANT (Football for A New Tomorrow), collected used football boots from Kronborg Cup participants and football shirts for children in Sierra Leone who do not have the same conditions as in Denmark. 

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Kronborg Cup is an international football tournament for youth teams - Zealand's biggest tournament - held every year in the last week of the school summer holidays.
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