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Below, we have collected a number of questions that we are often asked. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQ - Tournament

There are very few teams in our league - so what happens?

There are a lot of registrations just before the deadline, and most rows are usually sold out. Some levels (A, B or C) are combined into one level if there are few teams across the year group. Levels/rows with four teams are implemented.

Can I apply for an age exemption for several players?

Yes, you can apply for an age exemption, but for 5-man teams you can use 1 player without an application, while for 8- and 11-man teams you can use up to 2 players without an application. Read about exemption rules etc. here (link to subpage).

Which teams receive prizes?

There are trophies for the winners, as well as gold, silver and bronze medals in all categories. In addition, there are commemorative medals for all teams in the 5-man categories.

Where and when is the prize-giving ceremony?

The prize-giving ceremony takes place at the venue where the team played and immediately after the final has been played. In view of the tight match schedule in the afternoon, teams are encouraged to apply for the prize-giving ceremony immediately after the end of the final match.

How many players can join and can a player change teams?

Number of players per team: -11-man team - up to 18 players per team.- 8-man team - up to 15 players per team.- 5-man team - up to 12 players per team. A player may only have one team card. There is free substitution during matches in all ranks among the allowed number of players.

What happens if a team does not show up?

Every year we recommend that teams who are prevented from participating for various reasons contact the tournament management as soon as possible. However, there are a few occasions when teams do not show up. If the match schedule and the number of available courts allow it, training matches between teams in the pool can be organised by arrangement with the tournament office, in order to give the teams the best possible start before the autumn season. It is also in the interest of the Kronborg Cup that teams get the opportunity to play as many matches as possible. Kronborg Cup is not responsible for the conduct of the match and there is no requirement for referees. No financial compensation will be given to teams that lose matches due to other teams' no-shows or their own late arrivals.

FAQ - Accommodation

Where and when can we see which school we will be staying at?

In My Team link you can see at least 14 days before Kronborg Cup which school you will stay at.

When does the accommodation open on Friday?

There are different "opening hours" depending on the accommodation option chosen. On the website under each accommodation there will be an arrival time up to Kronborg Cup. For all school accommodations, arrival is Friday from 12.00.

What is the latest time to arrive on Friday?

Opening event: The latest arrival time on Friday is 20:00, when ordering food at Værftets Madmarked closes.
Place of accommodation: later time can be arranged, but then it will be without catering on Friday evening.

Why is there a deposit of DKK 1,500 for booking accommodation and when is the deposit refunded?

Kronborg Cup guests take very good care of the premises and surroundings. But we still have to charge a deposit, as we have to ensure that the premises are left in the same condition and order as when Kronborg Cup started. The schools are kindly provided by the municipality and the day after Kronborg Cup several thousand children start school, so it is important that the premises are left as when you arrived. Volunteers at the schools will kindly go through the premises with you on arrival and on departure. Deposits will be refunded in the weeks following the Kronborg Cup, once the Secretariat has had a well-deserved summer break. It is important that you remember to provide bank details when booking accommodation so that the Secretariat can refund the deposit. Teams are responsible for completing this information before the Secretariat can refund the deposit.

Do you have to clean up on Sunday?

Final cleaning is included in the price of hotel accommodation, Helsingør Ferieby and Helsingør Vandrerhjem, but we recommend that the premises are returned in the same condition and order as on arrival. Classrooms and sports halls at schools are tidied and swept.

FAQ - Opening Event

Can I arrive directly at the opening event (before arriving at the accommodation)?

Yes, you are very welcome to do so, but we recommend that teams check in at their accommodation and then head down to the opening event if you have booked a bus. If you arrive by bus or car, you are welcome to go directly to the opening event. Luggage can be stored in Hall 17 - contact the info tent. 

How to get to and from the opening event?

Shuttle buses will run all Friday afternoon from the accommodation sites to the opening event at the Kulturhavnen and back. In order to use the shuttle buses, you must opt-in. Kulturhavnen is only a 2-minute walk from Helsingør Station, where the coastal railway runs straight to and the ferries from Sweden dock. There are several parking options at Kulturhavnen.

Is the opening event free for everyone or is it for accommodated teams only?

Yes, admission is free for everyone - also for non-accommodated participants. We hope to see as many people as possible at the opening event, where there will be a lot of activities, competitions, a concert, an opening march and much, much more. It is always a great experience for the players to be part of the big march through the streets of Helsingør to music and battle cries.

Is there free access to all the activities of the opening event?

The majority of all activities are walk-in only and admission is free. However, there are a few activities that, for various practical reasons, require an appointment before the opening event. 

When to get ready for the opening march?

Line up for the opening march through the city of Elsinore is at 17.30, and the march starts at 17.45, where the first clubs are sent off. The clubs walk in a single file.

Can I buy food and drink at the opening event?

Yes, you can, and there are many different things to choose from! At the event site, there will be food trucks and barbecues with food and drinks, as well as Spisehuset at Kulturværftet. In addition, you can visit Værftets Madmarked, which is located in extension of the event site. NOTE! Dinner for the accommodation is part of the accommodation package.

FAQ - Catering

We have a player in the team who is either gluten allergic or lactose intolerant - is catering available for them?

Yes, gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives are available, but it is important that you make this clear when registering for a class and overnight stay, and that you make the volunteer staff aware of this when you are given food.

Where to buy lunch?

Lunch is available at all 8 sites. All 8 venues sell a wide range of healthy food (for vegetarians as well as food without pork) and drinks at reasonable prices. No sweets, soft drinks or fried food will be sold at the Kronborg Cup stalls. Lunch is included in the price as an overnight guest.

Where do teams eat overnight?

On Friday evening, all overnight teams will dine at the Værftets Madmarkt (Street Food), located adjacent to the Kulturhavnen, where the opening event will be held. Breakfast and dinner on Saturday and Sunday will be at the chosen accommodation, while lunch will be at the venue.

FAQ - Spectators

We would like to follow our children and teams - can we book accommodation as spectators via Kronborg Cup?

Yes. Every year many parents and families come to Kronborg Cup. It is with great pleasure that so many follow the teams on the sidelines and create a good atmosphere for the matches. That is why we offer accommodation at favourable rates for spectators at a number of hotels, so it is possible to follow the team closely throughout the weekend. You can book parent offers for accommodation here (link to bottom page).

Is it also possible to attend the opening event as a spectator?

Yes - and you are more than welcome to experience this fantastic afternoon with music, competitions, activities for children and young people, opening march and much more!

FAQ - About volunteering

Can I volunteer for Kronborg Cup?

YES you can - there's room for everyone with good humour and go-getter spirit on the world's best volunteer team! It is not a prerequisite that you have an affiliation with the football clubs or be a football fan to volunteer at Kronborg Cup. However, there may be some tasks that require you to be over 18 years old e.g. driving or fire watches or tasks that are particularly physically demanding.

How many hours do I need to volunteer?

What you want and what suits you! We have no hourly requirements - we're just really happy to have your help. So you can help for a few hours, half a day, a whole day or the whole weekend. However, in terms of planning, it will make it easiest for volunteer coordinators if shifts are initially no shorter than 3-4 hours.

What do you do as a volunteer?

As a volunteer, there are many different tasks - you choose according to your own interests and temperament. The list of different tasks is long, so there is no one answer to what you do as a volunteer - you can do a bit of everything. We both need volunteers to serve a lot of players and spectators with cooking and drinking at the facility and accommodation, matches in the smaller age groups need to be refereed, guards and food teams need to ensure a good environment at the accommodation, the opening event and facility need to be prepared and packed away again - just to name a few.

I want to volunteer, but my child is playing and I'm usually on the sidelines - can I still volunteer?

YES! And you are more than welcome! The match schedule will be ready in mid-July, and then you can plan on which facility to sign up at if you want to be at the same facility as your child. Of course, you also have the option to volunteer at other times outside of camp hours - such as at the opening and at the overnight sites.

What do I get for volunteering?

Being a volunteer at Kronborg Cup is unpaid - BUT you make a HUGE difference for Kronborg Cup and the football clubs behind the tournament. As a volunteer, you get a volunteer Adidas t-shirt, refreshments when you are on duty and, not least, fun and social interaction with a lot of wonderful volunteers and young, happy football players. Plus, you'll be helping to send support back to the football clubs.

Where do I volunteer?

Thank you for your interest - you can sign up here or volunteer at your local football club.

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