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Kronborg Cup - a football conference with quality! 

Kronborg Cup is a good and obvious opportunity for your team to polish their form before the fall football tournaments start. Kronborg Cup offers an exciting concept with efficient tournament management and a focus on healthy eating. It does not matter whether you are the coach of a girls' or boys' team in the age group between 8-17 years, or whether you play at A, B or C level - Kronborg Cup has room for everyone. As one of the few tournaments, Kronborg Cup offers several levels in most ranks. The many matches are played on top-trimmed football facilities in Elsinore Municipality, and the individual teams play all matches at the same football facility.


Online registration is available here - the deadline for registration is Monday, June 15, 2024. 

NOTE: If there is a waiting list, teams with overnight accommodation will be at the front of the queue.

Early registration is recommended - we usually sell out... 

Register your team on this site now, as we usually sell out in most rows. In case of a large number of registrations for the conference, the conference management reserves the right to close the registration in some rows. If there are fewer than 5 teams in a series, the organising committee reserves the right to hold the conference on a single day (following dialogue with the clubs). 

Conduct of matches 

The preliminary matches are played on Saturday and the level matches are played on Sunday. All teams must play a minimum of 5 matches over the weekend, and the entire cohort plays at the same venue.

As far as possible, the series will be divided into preliminary group matches of 4 teams, followed by level-grouped play-offs (A 1-4; B 5-8; C 9-12; D 13-16).

Rows are created with A and B level if there are more than 10 teams registered. If there are 6 or less teams in a series, a group game will be played.

The tournament management reserves the right to move registered teams up or down in level.


Boys in years 2008/09 to 2019 in 3, 5, 8 and 11 man rows. Girls in years 2009 to 2019 in 3, 5, 8 and 11 man ranks.

Number of players per team

11-man teams: up to 18 players per team. 

8-man teams: up to 15 players per team. 

5 man teams: Up to 10 players per team. 


Team registration: If teams are drawn after June 15, 2024, team fees are non-refundable.

Cancellations in relation to accommodation - read more here.

Force majeure

The refund rules apply regardless of whether the cancellation is due to visa refusal, delayed or cancelled trains, flights or ferries, strikes, lockouts, blockades or similar events. The same rules apply in the event of earthquakes or other natural disasters. No financial compensation will be paid to teams that lose matches due to the absence of other teams, their own late arrival or if the weather makes it impossible to hold the matches.


There are very few teams in our league - what happens then?

There are a lot of registrations just before the deadline, and most rows are usually sold out. Some levels (A, B or C) are combined into one level if there are few teams across the year group. Levels/rows with four teams are implemented.

Can I apply for an age exemption for several players?

Yes, you can apply for an age exemption, but for 5-man teams you can use 1 player without an application, while for 8- and 11-man teams you can use up to 2 players without an application. Read about exemption rules etc. here (link to subpage).

Which teams receive prizes?

There are trophies for the winners, as well as gold, silver and bronze medals in all categories. In addition, there are commemorative medals for all teams in the 5-man categories.

Where and when is the prize-giving ceremony?

The prize-giving ceremony takes place at the venue where the team played and immediately after the final has been played. In view of the tight match schedule in the afternoon, teams are encouraged to apply for the prize-giving ceremony immediately after the end of the final match.

How many players can join and can a player change teams?

Number of players per team: -11-man team - up to 18 players per team.- 8-man team - up to 15 players per team.- 5-man team - up to 12 players per team. A player may only have one team card. There is free substitution during matches in all ranks among the allowed number of players.

What happens if a team doesn't show up?

Every year we recommend that teams who are prevented from participating for various reasons contact the tournament management as soon as possible. However, there are a few occasions when teams do not show up. If the match schedule and the number of available courts allow it, training matches between teams in the pool can be organised by arrangement with the tournament office, in order to give the teams the best possible start before the autumn season. It is also in the interest of the Kronborg Cup that teams get the opportunity to play as many matches as possible. Kronborg Cup is not responsible for the conduct of the match and there is no requirement for referees. No financial compensation will be given to teams that lose matches due to other teams' no-shows or their own late arrivals.
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Kronborg Cup is an international football tournament for youth teams - Zealand's biggest tournament - held every year in the last week of the school summer holidays.
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