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Join us for the grand opening event of Kronborg Cup 2024!

With Kronborg Castle as the backdrop, the event kicks off with a spectacular opening event at Kulturhavnen in Helsingør.

The opening event will feature music, entertainment, various football competitions and a host of activities and football activities to make the day an unforgettable experience.

The party ends with a giant parade through the streets of Elsinore and a concert at Kulturhavnen with Baloosh.

At the opening event, there will be food trucks with barbecue and treats. Also visit Værftets Madmarked, which offers food experiences from around the world.

Kronborg Cup 2024

Free access for ALL

14.00 - 20.00
Friday, August 9, 2024
The event will be held on the square
in front of Kulturværftet Helsingør




Activities on site 2024 (updated continuously)

Tournament on inflatable court (5v5)

The tournament is divided into two years, 2011-2013 and 2014-2016. Part of DBU Zealand's football zone. 

World Championship in Penalty

Can you keep your cool in the duel with the goalkeeper on the line? The World Cup in Penalties is divided into two age groups; 2007-2010 and parents + coaches. Part of DBU Zealand's football zone.

eSoccer towers (with FIFA 24) - are you the fastest on the joystick?

Play online football matches with your idols against your peers in FIFA. Part of DBU Zealand's football zone.

Human Football

Play side by side with your mates strapped like a table football.

Football darts - can you hit the bulls eye?

Hone your precision skills by hitting the bullseye. Part of DBU Zealand's football zone.

Waterballz and Longz Ballz

Run and play dry in the Øresund in an enclosed ball.

Play against a former Danish champion

Try your hand at street football against Christopher.

Streetsoccer and panna

Learn new cool tricks, freestyle and play 1v1. Part of DBU Sjælland's football zone.

Foot tennis

Practice technical skills with your feet.

Girl Power Zone

Girl Power Zone, where girls can try their hand at a fun obstacle course with soccer drills and win cool prizes.

Speed Cage. How hard can you shoot?

Take on your teammates or coach to see who can shoot the hardest.

High-speed teamwork and concentration

Sling shot with CoastZone balls out on the island.Giant SUP:
Competition on the water, round a buoy in the fastest time. Each SUP board can have 6 participants.

Dead wall from the quayside:
You've probably seen it in the Corps, where they have to stand on a seesaw and let themselves fall backwards into the water. It's not dangerous and we provide lifeguards etc.

Slingshot with CoastZone balls out on the island:
Shoot and catch.

Interactive treasure hunt in the area, where participants are given a tablet with a map of the area where they can see where they are, and then they have to find items on the map with different tasks.

Giant knot on time:
Participants have to tie a knot with a long rope while holding on to it in the best kludge mom style.

Plank with VR glasses:
Takes place under the overhang in 1-2 pavilions. Participants are given VR glasses. Then they enter an elevator, where they are taken 100 meters up, and there they have to walk the plank.

Are you ready to get your heart rate up and sweat with Floorball?

Try playing floorball with Helsingør Floorball Team, who showcase the fun and technical aspects of the game with sticks and balls.

Meet also...

Sport Direct, Forsyning Helsingør, FC Helsingør, Helsingør Floorball Team, Zoles Espergærde, In-form and many more.


14:00 - Welcome
Kronborg Cup 2024 opening event opens - DJ opens big stage
14:15 - Football tricks
Experience the wildest soccer tricks and freestyle
14:30 - TeamGym Helsingør
Breathtaking display of jumping gymnastics and cheerleading
15:00 - Dance show - Beats By Bircow
Get your dancing shoes on. Dance show with festive music.
15:30 - Football tricks
Experience the wildest soccer tricks and freestyle
15:45 - TeamGym Helsingør
Breathtaking display of jumping gymnastics and cheerleading

16:15 - Dance show - Beats By Bircow
Get your dancing shoes on. Dance show with festive music.
16:45 - Opening speeches
Benedikte Kiær, Mayor & Frank S. Jensen, Kronborg Cup
17:00 - Concert - Baloosh
Experience the big party at the stage
17:30 - Opening march line-up
Presentation of teams
17:45 - Opening march
The teams walk together through the streets of Helsingør
18:00 - Dining at the Shipyard Food Market
Exclusively for accommodated attendees
20:00 - Thank you for today
Good game Saturday and Sunday!
*The programme is subject to change

The Great March

Get out your club shirts, flags and chants. To music and a festive atmosphere, each participating club is introduced and then all the participants march through Elsinore city center, where the local people of Elsinore welcome them to the city. It's always a great experience for the players to be part of the big march with dancing, fun and high spirits. Line up for the opening march at 17:30, and the march starts at 17:45, where the first clubs are sent off. 


The opening event ends with a great concert with Baloosh at 17:00 on the big stage in the middle of Kulturhavnen. Over the years, we've been visited by Wafande, Skinz, Djämes Braun and Bro, among others. The opening concert kicks off this year's tournament with music and dance for all participants.

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Kronborg El Cup

The football tournament for the very young

Kronborg El Cup is held as an opening conference in connection with the opening event at Helsingør Kulturhavn.
We are open to everyone regardless of level.
Read more here


Can you arrive directly to the opening event (Before arrival at the accommodation)

Yes, you are very welcome to do so, but we recommend that teams check in at their accommodation and then head down to the opening event if you have booked a bus. If you arrive by bus or car, you are welcome to go directly to the opening event. Luggage can be stored in Hall 17 - contact the info tent.

How to get to and from the opening event?

Shuttle buses will run all Friday afternoon from the accommodation sites to the opening event at the Kulturhavnen and back. In order to use the shuttle buses, you must opt-in. Kulturhavnen is only a 2-minute walk from Helsingør Station, where the coastal railway runs straight to and the ferries from Sweden dock. There are several parking options at Kulturhavnen.

Is the opening event free for everyone or is it for accommodated teams only?

Yes, admission is free for everyone - also for non-accommodated participants. We hope to see as many people as possible at the opening event, where there will be a lot of activities, competitions, a concert, an opening march and much, much more. It is always a great experience for the players to be part of the big march through the streets of Helsingør to music and battle cries.

Is there free access to all the activities of the opening event?

The majority of all activities simply require you to turn up and are free to access. However, there are a few activities which, for various practical reasons, require an appointment before the opening event. You can read more about it and book a place here (link to subpage).

When to get ready for the opening march?

Line up for the opening march through the city of Elsinore is at 17.30, and the march starts at 17.45, where the first clubs are sent off. The clubs walk in a single file.

Can I buy food and drink at the opening event?

Yes, you can, and there are many different things to choose from! At the event site, there will be food trucks and barbecues with food and drinks, as well as Spisehuset at Kulturværftet. In addition, you can visit Værftets Madmarked, which is located in extension of the event site. NOTE! Dinner for the accommodation is part of the accommodation package.


On Friday there is a shuttle bus from school to the opening event at Kulturhavnen, Allegade 2, 3000 Helsingør and back.

X in the field "Wish to use bus for opening event" on Friday.
See parking instructions
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Kronborg Cup is an international football tournament for youth teams - Zealand's biggest tournament - held every year in the last week of the school summer holidays.
Kronborg Cup 2024
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