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As an overnight guest at Kronborg Cup, you have the option to purchase transportation with Kronborg Cup buses between the team's accommodation and the venue/opening event. The bus schedules will be planned based on the match schedule, so there will be as little waiting time as possible.

Bus transportation is only calculated for teams that have purchased it in Cup Manager under "My team/account".

Bus map

The bus schedule for your paid bus transport will be provided upon arrival at the accommodation.

Download bus schedule for Sunday

Only the bus schedule for Saturday is ready upon arrival.

The bus schedule for Sunday depends on your first match. Saturday's location determines the bus schedule for Sunday.

If you have multiple teams in the same year group, all teams are placed on the first departure that fits.

Transport to/from opening event

Friday, August 11, there is a shuttle bus from school to the opening event at Kulturhavnen, Allegade 2, 3000 Helsingør and back: There will be regular shuttle buses from the schools.

There is limited transportation from Konventum and Helsingør Ferieby due to the short distance to Kulturhavnen. There will be no bus from Helsingør Vandrerhjem and Marienlyst Strandhotel due to the very short distance to Kulturhavnen. 

To use bus transportation to the opening event and back, you must mark it in "My Team" in the registration system - put an X in the field "Wish to use bus to the opening event" on Friday. Bus transportation is only provided for the teams that have indicated this in the system.

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Kronborg Cup is an international football tournament for youth teams - Zealand's biggest tournament - held every year in the last week of the school summer holidays.
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