Football tours are a great opportunity to strengthen the team spirit of the team and across the teams in your club. Kronborg Cup has several really good accommodation types of your choice and in good quality, as well as full catering from Friday evening to Sunday dinner. Kronborg Cup has the framework ready for your turn over the weekend. Kronborg Cup offers the following forms of accommodation for participants and spectators:

    - in own classroom or in common hall with other teams, click here

All accommodation types include opening ceremony, Kronborg Cup t-shirt, all inclusive (dinner Friday, three meals Saturday and breakfast and lunch Sunday).

Booking of accommodation
Booking of accommodation is chosen in connection with online registration. If you are a parent and spectator, please write an email to info@kronborgcup.dk for ordering.

At deposit on DKK 1,500 must be paid when booking accommodation. The deposit will be refunded if the accommodation is delivered properly and in proper condition.

Payments to the Kronborg Cup bank account - when registering, please note:
Danish teams: registration no. 1551 and account no. 0010812283. 
Foreign teams: IBAN no.: DK1130000010812283 and BIC (SWIFT-adresse): DABADKKK.

Terms of payment and cancellation
Payment deadline for all types of accommodation:
no later than Friday, June 14, 2019.

In case of cancellation of accommodation (school, hostel, cabin or camping), t-shirt, bus transport and dining etc. after July 7 2019, 50% is refunded - 50% of the accommodation price must be paid. If canceled after 21 July 2019, there will be no refund of any kind.

General information on accommodation
In order to give all participants the best possible experience during Kronborg Cup, it is important that you register your information with  the total number of persons per person. team, information about the team and want to buy bus transport, as well as information on allergy in relation to the food.
At least one responsible manager over the age of 18 must stay with the players.


Bus transport
As a resident of Kronborg Cup, you have the opportunity to purchase transport with Kronborg Cup buses between the team's accommodation and the venue. You can read more about bus transport here.


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