Parents and families to Kronborg Cup participants are very welcome!

Every year, many parents and families take part in the Kronborg Cup. It is with great pleasure that so many follow the teams on the sidelines and create good atmosphere for the matches. Therefore, this year we offer parental offers on accommodation at favorable prices for Kronborg Cup spectators, so it is possible to follow the team close all weekend. As a spectator to the Kronborg Cup, we offer accommodation at a hotel in beautiful surroundings.

Hotel accommodation is an obvious accommodation option for parents and family who want to follow the children during the Kronborg Cup and stay in beautiful city Helsingør. For parents and family, the following options are available:



Gammel Hellebækvej 70A

3000 Helsingør


Konventum - Højstrupgård

Konventum offers accommodation at a special price during Kronborg Cup 2019.  
Enjoy a stay in beautiful surroundings while the kids play football. At Konventum the possibilities are many for both cultural experiences, exercise or pure relaxation near forest and beach.

From Friday the 9th of August until Sunday the 11th of August:

  • Single room from DKK 799,- incl. breakfast buffet.

  • Double room from  DKK 940,- incl. breakfast buffet.

Booking: Booking via this link.
Registration deadline - Thursday, August 8, 2019, at. 12:00


About Konventum - LO Skolen
Konventum is a modern conference and training center, located next to the Sound and only 2 km. from Helsingør's charming city center. The scenic location out to the Sound and close to Helsingør city makes Konventum an obvious tourist destination for many. Konventum is located right by Helsingør Idrætspark. The 8 plants are within a radius of 2-15 min. drive. You can read more about Konventum on their website here.



Nordre Strandvej 2

3000 Helsingør



Marienlyst Strandhotel offers accommodation at a special price during the Kronborg Cup. Marienlyst Strandhotel has very high demand during this period, but Kronborg Cup has made a special agreement for reserving rooms for Kronborg Cup parents..

Prices per day from Friday, August 9 to Sunday, August 11:

  • Single room - DKK 1195,- 

  • Double room - DKK 1495,- 

  • Extra bed - DKK 300,-

Booking: Booking of these Kronborg Cup rooms is only received by email and sent to Johanna Hagert joh@marienlyst.dk and Mai Pedersen mp@marienlyst.dk - mark: "Kronborg Cup":

The spa department offers, among other things, thermal pools, whirlpools, beach sauna with direct access to healthy depths in the Sound, salt therapy, yoga team, fitness, lounge areas, view terraces and cozy spa café. If you want to order treatments, these can be purchased if there is room on the website. For prices and opening hours please see http://www.marienlyst.dk/en/spa/ - we point out that Marienlyst Strandspa has a minimum age of 16 years. .

Attractions in Helsingør and the surrounding areas
In addition to watching football matches, you as spectator at Kronborg Cup also have the opportunity to visit Helsingør's many different places and attractions that the city offers. Take a walk in the lovely beaches along Helsingør Municipality or visit Helsingør old town center, where you can visit Kronborg Castle, the M/S Museum of Maritime and much, much more.

Read more about the many experiences and sights here or at www.visitnordjaelland.


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