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The last goal has been scored, the final whistle has blown and the last medals have been handed out at Kronborg Cup 2023! It was great to see all the participants again at the opening event and out on the fields, as well as all the spectators on the sidelines.

2023 was a record year for Kronborg Cup in terms of the number of overnight stays. Approximately 2,500 participants stayed overnight in connection with Kronborg Cup this year.

This year's opening event included a visit from Christopher Aarlit Bach, who created great joy and excitement on stage with freestyle shows, followed by the opportunity to play 1v1 and have photos taken. A number of Kronborg Cup's partners had brought along various activities, all of which formed the framework for a fantastic event. As something new this year, the opening march was kicked off from the stage with a performance from Wafande. This set the right mood before all participants went on the big march through the city of Elsinore to party and sing songs in all Scandinavian languages.

"It was a really good afternoon with many visiting participants, but also locals who made their way past Kulturhavnen. We want to create an event that attracts all participants as a warm-up for the weekend's matches, but also locals and tourists who want to try different activities and, not least, experience the atmosphere and community that a football tournament for children and young people creates. It was a really festive afternoon thanks to all the visitors and the activities from our partners, says Frank S. Jensen, responsible for the opening event.

On Saturday morning, the Kronborg Cup 2023 kicked off in earnest for the more than 500 participating teams. No less than 1,350 matches were played over the weekend with many great goals - in fact, as many as 5,800 goals - as a good preparation for the fall season. 

There was a great atmosphere on the sidelines, and the weather was with the players and spectators for most of the weekend. The Kronborg Cup is a broad-based tournament where the focus is on the game and preparations for the fall season. But on Sunday afternoon, the winners of each division were to be announced at an awards ceremony at each of the seven facilities. In the younger age groups, there are commemorative medals for each team.

"It was great to see all the participants on the pitches. Overall, the tournament went really well, and we could really feel the joy of the participants in returning to a football event after the summer vacation, where young people could once again be together around football," says Frederik Hertz, chairman of the Kronborg Cup steering committee.

Thank you to volunteers and partners
On behalf of Kronborg Cup, a big thank you to all volunteers and partners.

Over the course of the weekend, 800 volunteers helped make the event run smoothly and ensure a great experience for the thousands of visitors.

The chairman of the Kronborg Cup steering committee can't see a Kronborg Cup without the help of volunteers:

"A big thank you to all the volunteers at the schools, the venues, the opening event and the many volunteers "behind the scenes" who have spent hours, days and weeks helping Kronborg Cup. It would not be possible to organize such a large tournament with thousands of participants in so many different locations without the volunteers",

A special thank you to all Kronborg Cup sponsors and partners from Kronborg Cup Event's chairman, Nick Rubin:

"We are pleased with the great support we receive from our partners and sponsors, who year after year support Kronborg Cup. They help to develop Kronborg Cup in a really exciting direction that we can build on every year. A big thank you from here.

We look forward to seeing you again at Kronborg Cup 2024 - August 9-11, 2024!

Kind regards
Kronborg Cup steering committee

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Kronborg Cup is an international football tournament for youth teams - Zealand's biggest tournament - held every year in the last week of the school summer holidays.
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