Kronborg Cup - a football event with quality!
Kronborg Cup is a good and obvious opportunity for you to polish the shape before the autumn football tournaments start. Kronborg Cup offers an exciting concept with effective tournament management and a focus on healthy eating. It is subordinate whether you are a coach for a girl or boys' team in the age group between 8-17 years, or whether you play at A, B or C level - Kronborg Cup has room for everyone. As one of the few tournaments, Kronborg Cup offers several levels in most rows. The many matches are held at top-trimmed football facilities in Helsingør Municipality, and the individual teams play all matches at the same football facility.

Quick registration is recommended - we are usually sold out...
Register your team here on the site right now, as we usually sell out in most rows. In the event of a large number of registrations to the event, the Event Committee reserves the right to close the registration in some rows. The deadline for registration is Friday, June 14, 2019.

Tournament schedule: Tournament schedule is published at the end of July. The teams themselves are responsible for downloading the gaming program on the website.

Matches: Group matches Saturday and level-split matches Sunday. Minimum of 5 matches during the weekend. The team plays at the same venue.

Participants: Boys year 2003/04 to 2012 in 5, 8 and 11 rows. Girls year 2002 to 2012 in 5, 8 and 11 rows.

Important: In order to secure fairness of the tournament, it is of great importance that the clubs register teams in a row and level that corresponds to the team's real strength. The tournament management reserves the right to move registered teams up or down the level.

Cancellation: Team registration: If teams are drawn after June 14, 2019, team fees will not be refunded

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