Kronborg Cup – a quality football competition! 
Kronborg Cup is a great opportunity for your team to finetune its performance before the autumn football tournaments get underway. Kronborg Cup is an exciting concept based on efficient tournament organisation and a focus on health eating. Regardless of whether you coach girls’ or boys’ teams in the 8-17 age group or play at A, B or C level, Kronborg Cup has something for everyone. Kronborg Cup is one of the few tournaments offering several levels in most series. Most matches are played on premium football grounds in the municipality of Elsinore, and the individual teams play all their matches at the same football ground.

Don’t delay though – places usually sell out quickly! 
Register your teams here now, as most age groups usually sell out quickly. If a large number of registrations are received, the organising committee reserves the right to close registrations for some age groups. If there are fewer than 5 teams in a series, the organising committee reserves the right to play out the tournament on a single day (after conferring with the clubs). 

Tournament schedule: The tournament schedule will be announced here at the end of July. The teams are responsible for downloading the match schedule from the website. 

Matches: First-round matches are played on Saturday and play-offs organised by level on Sunday. At least 5 matches over the weekend. Full year groups play at the same match venue.

Important: To ensure the tournament is playe

Force majeure: The refund rules apply regardless of whether withdrawal/no-show is due to failure to obtain a visa, delayed or cancelled trains, flights or ferries, strikes, lock-outs, blockades or similar occurrences. The rules also apply in the event of earthquakes or other natural disturbances. Financial compensation is not paid to teams that lose matches because other teams fail to attend, because of their own delayed arrival or because weather conditions make match play impossible.


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