Kronborg El Cup 2019 - football for the very young

Children up to the age of 5-6 have now the opportunity to participate in the tournament. On Friday, August 9, Kronborg El Cup will be held as an opening event in connection with the opening event at Helsingør Kulturhavn. The matches will be played 3 against 3 on grass in an inflatable football field with Kronborg Castle as background. Kronborg El Cup is open to everyone, regardless of level - there is room for everyone, and the most important thing is to give the brand new football players a really good experience with friends and teammates of Kronborg El Cup.

2x5 min. playing time, 5 matches per teams, 3 against 3 - a total of 5 players per team, and prize for each participant.
Judge: "The home team" must be judging by the referee.

Registration for Kronborg El Cup takes place on the online registration system right here.

Registered teams

Forsyning Helsingør
Kronborg EL Cup is arranged in cooperation with our partner Forsyning Helsingør. Forsyning Helsingør is a multi-supply company that delivers electricity, heating and water to the whole of Helsingør Municipality and the surrounding area.


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