Number of matches
2-3 matches, Saturday and Sunday - minimum 5 matches in total.

NB: Years 2011, 2012 and 2013 (boys and girls). 3 matches Saturday and Sunday – minimum 6 matches in total.

Matches: First-round matches are played on Saturday and play-offs organized by level on Sunday. At least 5 matches over the weekend. Full years play at the same match venue.

As far as possible, the series are divided into first-round group matches of 4 teams and then by play-offs organized by level (A no. 1-4; B no. 5-8; C no. 9-12; D no. 13-16). The series are set up with an A and a B level if more than 10 teams have registered. If a series has 6 or fewer teams, it will be played as group stage matches. 

The organising committee reserves the right to adjust the levels of registered teams.

Playing time:
11-a-side series: 2 x 20 min. per match. 
8-a-side series: 2 x 15 min. per match. 
5-a-side series: 2 x 12 min. per match. 

Number of players per team:
11-a-side team: Up to 18 players per team. 

8-a-side team: Up to 15 players per team. 
5-a-side team: Up to 12 players per team. 


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