Number of matches
2-3 matches, Saturday and Sunday - min. 5 matches in total.

NB: Years 2009, 2010 and 2011 (boys and girls). 3 matches Saturday and Sunday - min. 6 matches in total.

Setup matches: Group matches Saturday (2-3 matches) and playoff matches Sunday (2-3 matches). Minimum 5 matches in total during the weekend. The team will be playing at the same sports venue the entire weekend.

The rows will be, if possible, divided into introductory group games of 4 teams and then playoff matches (A no. 1-4; B no. 5-8; C no. 9-12 and D no. 13-16). The rows are created with A and B levels if there are over 10 registered teams. With 6 or less teams in a row - the matches will be played as group games.


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