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Kronborg Cup can only be held because so many people help on a voluntary basis. Over 700 volunteers help over the weekend. Some use single hours, others spend one day or the whole weekend. Every volunteer in particular makes a huge difference - all hands are needed.

The volunteers helped with catering and lodging to 1,200 players divided into three schools, opening event with thousands of visitors, completing over 1,000 games and selling at the venues. We can always use more volunteers for school guards, stalls, cooking, clean-up, parking guards, convention offices and much more.

The entire profit from Kronborg Cup is distributed to the organizer clubs behind the Kronborg Cup. The great work of the volunteers helps to make an important financial contribution to the youth societies of the local football clubs. The volunteer work is unpaid, but we provide catering for your invaluable help.


Become a volunteer and experience a really good social community

Sign up as a volunteer and get some wonderful experiences and become a part of the community at Kronborg Cup.


Do you want to be voluntary or have questions?

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We guarantee high spirits, socializing with other volunteers, and an unforgettable soccer experience!


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