Take a ferry ride to Sweden at half price!

Anyone who participates or supports the local Kronborg Cup football event can during the period 9-11. August travel with ForSea Ferries at half price t/r via the gangway.

Contact the ticket sales in the terminal in Helsingør and state the code "Kronborg Cup", then you can buy a gang ticket t / r for half price. The crossing only takes 20 minutes, and you can either get on board and hop off again when you hit Denmark, or take a look at our cozy neighboring city of Helsingborg, where you find everything from good shopping opportunities to culture and experiences for the whole family - and yes , as well as a beach with palm trees.

Prices t/r
Adult 37 kr. (normal price 74 kr.)

Children (4-15 years old) 27 kr. (normal price 54 kr.)


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