As an overnight Kronborg Cup participant, you can buy Kronborg Cup bus transport between your team’s accommodation and the match venue. The bus schedules will be planned according to your match programme in order to keep waiting time to a minimum.

Price: Bus transport from/to accommodation to/from match venue Saturday and Sunday, DKK 125 per person. 

Order bus: Sign up for bus transport through the MY TEAM/Registration system.

Bus schedule:

The schedule for your paid bus transport will be handed out when you arrive at your accommodation. 

  • The ONLY bus schedule available on your arrival will be the Saturday bus schedule.

  • The Sunday schedule depends on the outcome of your first match, as the Saturday placements will determine the bus schedule for Sunday.

  • If you have several teams in the same year, ALL teams will be assigned to the first departure that fits.

Transport to/from the opening event:

On Friday, there will be a shuttle bus from schools to the opening event at Kulturhavnen, 2 Allégade, 3000 Elsinore and return. Shuttle buses will run regularly from the schools. Limited transport will be laid on from Konventum and Elsinore Holiday Village because of the short distance to Kulturhavnen. There will be no bus from Elsinore Hostel and Marienlyst Strandhotel because of the short distance to Kulturhavnen. 


If you want bus transport to the opening event and return, indicate this in ‘My Team’ in the registration system by placing an X in the field ‘Ønsker at benytte bus til åbningsarrangement’ Friday.


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