Healthy eating is the prerequisite for a good football tournament!

With the "healthy concept" Kronborg Cup has a consistent focus on healthy eating. This means that no sweets, soft drinks and deep-fried foods are sold at Kronborg Cup stalls, but only healthy and nutritious food and drinks. The meals during the accommodation follow the healthy concept. This stands out from other soccer tournaments, but that's a good reason. All this is to create the best setting for the young soccer players so that they perform best in a healthy way of energy.

All inclusive as accommodated 
As accommodated in one of Kronborg Cup's accommodation facilities, all inclusive is included in the price (dinner Friday, three meals Saturday and breakfast as well as lunch Sunday). Lunch at the venue, other meals at the accommodation.

Free fruit
Again this year, there is free fruit for all players Saturday and Sunday. 


Speciel diet
Kronborg Cup also serves meals for allergy sufferers. Alternatives are offered to players, coaches and managers who suffer from allergies at both accommodation and venue.
NB: Remember to order a special diet when you sign up for teams and accommodation, as well as make sure that you receive food at the accommodation and venue!  


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